Description & objectives

Project title

QUALITYWATCH: Croatian Higher Education Quality Watchdog (2014. – 2016.)

Project duration

24 months (18.12.2014. – 18.12.2016.)

Project value

207.657,66 EUR

Funding of project

IPA – Transition Assistance and Institution Building Component

“Reinforcing Support of CSOs in Enhancing Transparency and Good Governance in Croatian Public Administration” (EuropeAid/134506/D/ACT/HR).

Main objective

Overall objective of this project is to increase the transparency of public policy decisions regarding the upholding of quality standards in higher education (HE) and increase public access to results of assessments and evaluations of the quality at HE institutions.

Specific objectives

  • Build the capacity of CSOs for active advocacy of transparent and accountable implementation of quality assurance (QA) mechanisms in HE
  • Develop mechanisms for monitoring public policy decisions related to QA in HE
  • Advocate for wider public access to all available information on quality in HE

Expected results

  • All project activities are implemented and deliverables are created according to the project proposal and in line with contractual regulations
  • Members of CSOs trained in the procedures of monitoring and analysis of quality assurance (QA) public policies and their capacity enhanced for public awareness and advocacy campaigns
  • Indicators and criteria identified for monitoring and analysing QA results
  • Enhanced public access to cases of lack of transparency relating to QA
  • Increased awareness of key stakeholders at the national and local level on the importance of QA standards in higher education and of the consistent and transparent enforcement of such standards by the public administration
  • Recommendations and guidelines for enabling broader public access to public policy decisions on QA